Pointing at concrete and other endeavours


This week I mostly have been… pointing at bags of concrete.

I also did some experimenting with it too, so watch this space to find out what I got up to.


I should probably mention glass blowing, seeing as it has been the main discipline I have chosen to focus on at uni and something I really enjoy! I don’t have too many photographs of me in action, but here is one of an awesome day myself and Erin Barr did some impromptu assisting for Einar de la torre on his visit to the National glass center! You can also see the fantastic James Maskrey in this photograph; our hot glass technician and celebrated artist.

glass blowing

A lovely bunch of people right there.


Keep up to date with my blog and I will gradually get around to posting some of my work as and after it is made and telling you a bit more about my practice.